The Transformation Audio Series

These messages have helped thousands see that their most persistent hurts and frustrations hold within the greatest keys to radical personal transformation. At this time, the six message series is available for order in Audio Cassette format for $30.

This is what other's are saying about the Transformation Tape Series:

“Every time I go on a long road trip I bring these tapes with me, knowing they will give me the equivalent of a spiritual X-Ray or MRI when I know I really need to face and deal with an issue in my life, my marriage or in other relationships.”

“Every seminary student should have to listen to these tapes before they pastor others.”

“These messages changed the way I saw myself as a pastor, and changed my definition of the kind of fellowship Church members should have with each other if they are to be healed of wounds suffered in unloving and hurtful relationships.”

“I used to think my husband and I had a communications problem, and jokes from the pulpit about the differences between men and women made me think I was right. These tapes showed me that neither my husband and I nor any couple we fellowshipped with had any idea of what we really needed to talk about anyway, much less how to do it in a way that would produce healing instead of more frustration and pain. Now we know what to talk about before bed when we consider our own trials in life and the potential issues we see beginning to surface in our children.”

The complete set is also available for download to your computer for $20. If you would like The Transformation Audio Series but are unable to pay for the messages please email and describe your situation.

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1. The Problem The Promise & The Process
The Power Of God To Transform Us Through The Cross

The first message in this series provides the scriptural foundation for this ministry. It is our goal to clearly teach the ongoing process of sanctification and transformation. As individuals, couples, and families learn these life changing principles marriages, others in “The Body of Christ” and our communities will not only see Christ manifested in us but will desire to experience the true and lasting change Christ died to give us.  

This first message is accompanied by a diagram which is a visual illustration of the scriptural principles which undergird this ministry. Jesus told His disciples "IF you would be my disciple then deny yourself, pick up your cross, die daily and follow me." Ultimately picking up your cross is still your choice. But how do you do that?  

The diagram and message clearly depict how man was created triune in nature, in the image of God and how God created man to unite with his spouse with no concern or emphasis on their separateness. The nature of the serpent and the experience of him by Adam and Eve led up to their disobedience in the garden. Thus causing the three-fold result from the fall; the way all humans have been born in sin with the nature of “The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil” controlling their carnal natures; how God dealt with Israel under the law and prophets compared to how He deals with us in Christ to bring about sanctification and transformation and real liberty and victory through Jesus who is our life.

We believe that if you understood the princi­ples illustrat­ed in this diagram and applied them to your own life, and shared them frequently with others, you could become equipped to minister effec­tively to the majority of people in the Body of Christ. In fact, you might actually become a more effective counselor than many of the pastors in the Body of Christ today. I have had many pastors review this material with me before I preach or counsel at their church.  Without exception these men tell me I have helped them to see why much of their pastoral counsel­ing has been so frustrating and inef­fec­tive in the past.

2. Tracking Bad Fruit To Their Bitter Roots

 Ending The Bad Harvest In Your Life

In the second message, "Tracking Bad Fruit to the Bitter Roots," we will explore several questions "What is the bad fruit that persists in your life and why is it so per­sis­tent?"  "Why didn't certain issues and sins disappear and stay gone once you got saved?"  "Why are certain sins and problems so strong in your life?"   "Why are you in circumstances that you don't desire, but you can't seem to make them change?"  "Why do various people tend to treat you in similar ways no matter how hard you try to prevent it or change it?"  In essence what is it that you like least about yourself, circumstances or relationships, why do such things persist, and what needs to be done about them?

3. Recognizing & Getting Free Of Fearsome Idols

 That Enslave Us And Leave Us Powerless

In the third message, I will address a specific type of bad fruit in our lives that could best be called fearful idolatry and slavery, which keep us from experiencing the sonship that God says He has given us the power to enter into, and from enjoying the promises thereof.  This message is for people who grew up with anyone or any circumstances they experienced as abusive, frightening, intimidating, overpowering, or shaming in their life.  You or a loved one may have grown up thinking abusive behavior was normal. On the other hand you or that loved one may have grown up thinking their parents were abusive when in fact they weren’t.  In either case, what got sowed in your heart or theirs can continue to produce bad fruit in your life until it is dealt with by the Cross.

4. Lust or Love? The Idols Of Your Heart  
Why Your Deepest Most Sincere Desires Elude You

The fourth message is called "Idols of the Heart - the Longings and Lusts of Our Lives."  In this message I address why the deepest desires and longings of our hearts are so often the ones that elude us the most. "Why do some of my best and most noble efforts produce exactly the opposite results that I was hoping for, even when the outcome I desire is so consistent with the word of God?" How is it that we actually tend to repel the very things that we think and say we most want to have in life and in relationships?  Why is it that people who ought to be able to love us and help fulfill some of our deepest longings, are the ones most likely to refuse us and even to betray us?  How is it that we can be so motivated our entire life to become a certain kind of person acting in ways that we honestly think best, and yet other people and circumstances inevitably seem to frustrate our best intentions, highest ideals, and most diligent efforts?
"Why is it that good attitudes and behaviors that once stood us in good stead for so long with family, friends, and peers can suddenly seem to be stripped of God's grace, and become totally ineffective in helping us influence others in our lives, especially spouses, children, peers in the workplace, and people at church?"  

5. Slavery & Idolatry

"Can the Caterpillar Ever Truly Possess The Butterfly"

Through a poignant analogy of the slug, caterpillar and butterfly,  I illustrates how God’s nature is in conflict with Satan's nature and with our carnal nature, how man has been totally afflicted by sin and the nature of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, and how if we were likened to slugs first, and then once saved to black and white striped caterpillars who have to die to both the black and the white stripes (the apparent evil and the apparent but fruitless and powerless "good," we all would understand more clearly and deeply how we need to cooperate with God's efforts to transform us. Everything that surrounds us that reveals who we are in our old nature is essentially "our cocoon."  There is no emerging of a butterfly if the caterpillar will not get into the cocoon. Often we don't really get into what God is up in relationships and circumstances that are designed more to reveal and frustrate our flesh, so that God can set us free to live in Christ and not our corrupt old nature. "The son of righteousness will rise with healing in His wings, if we would stop defending and justifying our old fears and ideals, and visiting them upon others to no avail.  They were visited upon Christ on the Cross and brought His death.  Why visit them on your loved ones?

6. Transformation

    How Much Caterpillar Can The Butterfly Keep?

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