Counselor's Case Studies Index

All Client Cases Studies listed have been approved by the Client for publication on this website. All names have been changed to protect their original identities. If a Case seems similar to yours it is merely a coincidence. Each title is a link to the full story.

Cases Illustrating How to Get to the Root Issues of a Marriage

"Edie - The Victim Who Tamed Verbally Abusive Dan"
Edie’s first appointment was without her husband, which is often the case in first marriage counseling sessions. She came complaining, almost hysterically, of enduring the worst kinds of verbal abuse from her husband Dan. She described her husband as a man who lacked patience with a quick fuse that released an explosion of rage when she messed up or disobeyed him in any way. Edie was walking on eggshells.

"Jack – Couldn't Get His Career Out of the Box and Was Stuck in a Small Cubicle Again!"
Jack came into my office looking depressed confused, angry and fed up with life. His wife loved him but could not understand his ability to turn every opportunity into a failure. Jack was an accountant and he hated it. He had studied business hoping for a management position in marketing like his dad, but fear, stress, and jealousy of others always got the better of him.

"Mary - The Pastor's Wife Who Dreaded Being Left Behind!"
Mary came to me feeling terribly guilt-ridden, forsaken by God, and very estranged from her husband emotionally and spiritually, though he was a very godly pastor and loved her very much.

"Mark – Four Engagements But Not One Become His Wife?"
Mark came to me in his mid thirties, because he had been through four engagements that all ended suddenly with the words "You Deserve Someone Better than Me.” His personal life was affecting the calling on his life his church refused to approve him as a pastor.

Cases of the Parents Sins Resurfacing in their Children

"Kendra – How Divided Parents & a Favored Sister Created an Aspiring Teenage Porn Star?"
Kendra’s Parents had no idea how often their eight year old daughter eavesdropped as her sixteen year old sister talked with her girlfriends about their sexual exploits. They had no idea their youngest daughter’s friend would suggest they study her father’s pornography as a way of keeping up with her older sister in knowledge if not practice. Eight years later they had no idea their sixteen year old was about to film several porn movies to prove she had arrived and to get enough money to leave home.

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