"Our History & How We Got Here"

MarriageMenders.Net is an extension of Cross of Christ Ministries located in Snellville Georgia. Cross of Christ Ministries is a non-denominational counseling ministry founded by Reverend Jeff Carr in 1987.  Our mission has always been to bring healing and restoration to wounded individuals and damaged marriages.  Since then couples and individuals have come from all over the world. Here they found intensive help and discovered the root issues that were destroying their marriages. They learned how to bring radical change to their lives and the lives of their children.  And in the process hundreds of couples discovered the truth, experienced transformation and found the grace to restore and strengthen their marriages. Many individuals found healing when only one spouse sought marriage counseling. Even those who had experienced a divorce found healing.

"What We Have Become"

We are a growing network of gifted counselors passionately committed to transforming lives, healing marriages, and undoing the damage your issues may have caused your children. We are committed to helping anyone who desires to honestly face the hurtful and frustrating issues that keep springing up in your relationships, circumstances and pursuits. We will help you examine and identify the “bad fruit” in your life, and teach you how to effectively deal with the “real root issues” that feed the destructive patterns in your life and relationships. No matter what brought you here, our resources, and gifted counselors, can help bring about transformation in your life.

"What We Can Offer You"

This website contains many written resources and a powerful series entitled “Transformation.”
• Our Articles, Client’s Testimonies, and Real Life Success Stories may help you understand how to deal with specific issues.
• Order the “Transformation” CD/Tape Series and share it with others. It has helped thousands of people to see that their most persistent hurts and frustrations hold within the greatest keys to radical personal transformation.
• If you are in a difficult or painful situation set up an appointment with one of our Counselors. You can transform you life, and be a catalyst for change in the lives of others.

"The Power of Real Lives and Real Truth Shared"

This website is a testimony to God’s grace to radically transform lives with impossible circumstances. It will always be a testimony to God’s grace which is at work here to equip more people to help others.

People who have experienced healing through this ministry are effectively touching hundreds of thousands of lives in their respective callings and endeavors. Our past Clients will find that this website is a place to publish specific parts of their own Personal Stories to encourage others struggling with similar issues.

We will also give other Counselors a way to offer their services if they share our desire to make sure people can find the help they need, often when they can least afford it.

As our Counselors write more Articles and as Clients contribute more Personal Stories and Testimonies, this website will be a place where more people can find the tools and information that can transform their lives.

Ultimately, and collectively, we can help people understand why they struggle in certain areas of their lives, and learn how to appropriate intimately and fully "The Transforming Power of The Cross of Christ" so that they can live the fruitful life God has always intended.

If you have a situation you would like to see addressed in an Article or Real Life Case Study, please e-mail us. We will try to answer your e-mail as quickly as possible.

If you would like to set up a counseling appointment please call Jeff Carr at 770-985-1235.
Please do not send email to request a counseling appointment.

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