"Jack – Couldn’t Get His Career Out of the Box and Was Stuck in a Small Cubicle Again!"

Jack came into my office looking depressed confused, angry and fed up with life. His wife loved him but could not understand his ability to turn every opportunity into a failure.

Jack was an accountant and he hated it. He had studied business hoping for a management position in marketing like his dad, but fear, stress, and jealousy of others always got the better of him.

When Debbie met Jack she saw a self-confident business man in the making. He know exactly what he wanted in life. That was just the kind of man Debbie hoped to find. She also had big ideas about career and all the things that she and her husband were going to be able to do with two big incomes.

Debbie did well in school, but Jack began to struggle terribly in his last two years of college. Fear of failure and stress caused him to drop the management classes he was doing poorly in, and to keep accounting and finance.

He did go to graduate school hoping for an MBA in marketing, but everything seemed to push him right back toward accounting and finance.

With a degree in accounting he still tried for management jobs that offered better pay, advancement opportunities, and freedom from the office, but he only got offered bookkeeping jobs or research positions. Debbie tried to encourage him, but nothing worked. He just seemed destined to a poorly paid back office accounting or research job.

I could see some ability for marketing in Jack but I could also see the conservative side of him that might cause employers to deny him that chance.

Jack told me repeatedly and angrily, "I hate the cubicle I work in." "I want to break out of the box people keep putting me in." He said it so many times in so many ways I finally asked if he had been put in an incubator at birth or if he had ever been left for long periods of time in a crib as an infant.

Jack said "Both!" and I then found that though Jack's Dad was a very strong man and a successful businessman, his Mom was very frail and fearful. She had carried Jack fearing for her own health and fearing that her baby would somehow be deformed. Mom had told Dad that his big dreams for his child were fine, but that all she wanted was "a child who had ten fingers and ten toes," i.e. everything would be present and accounted for in the place it was supposed to be.

Is there any wonder that Jack turned out to be great accountant, for successful businessmen, once he crucified the real roots of his fear of being trapped in a box, his fear of being less successful than his dad and brothers, and his fear of being like his mother?

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