"Kendra – How Divided Parents & a Favored Sister Created an Aspiring Teenage Porn Star?"

Kendra’s Mother had no idea that her once awkward younger daughter was about to realize an eight-year long dream of being a porn star. Kendra had felt so unloved and neglected as her mother lived vicariously through Kendra's older sister that she always tried to emulate her older sister to no avail.

By the time, Kendra was eight, her older sister (16) was freely bragging to her girlfriends about her sexual exploits with boys in high school and even a boy in college.  At their slumber parties, the girls talked about everything they had done with their boyfriends. At set up new dares and challenges for the next time, they were with their boyfriends.

Kendra was mesmerized as she eavesdropped on her sister's conversations. Needing her sister's approval, she did not intend to tell on her. There would not be any fun in doing that. But when her sister caught her one night, she humiliated Kendra in front of the other girls.

Though her sister had never shown her any kindness, Kendra felt especially hurt that her sister did not appreciate her adoration and loyalty, or her curiosity about the sexual stories her sister and friends boasted about to each other. Kendra was proud of her big sister, because she had more stories about doing things with boys than any of the other girls.

One night soon after Kendra's horrible humiliation, her sister hurt her feelings with more teasing about how fat and ugly Kendra was. Mom heard Kendra whining and could not take it. She called the mom of one of Kendra's schoolmates, and asked if Kendra could spend the weekend.

That night Kendra expressed how hurt she was to her classmate, and only after getting her to promise to keep it secret, Kendra told her what she had heard eavesdropping.

Her friend quickly volunteered that her father had sex video’s and that they could watch then so they could learn what the other girls must of experienced about sex.
Soon Kendra and her friend were watching the videos. Pride and the desire to grow up caused them to ignore their conscience and any shock they should have felt about seeing pornography. Once they pressed past the natural boundaries in their souls, they were soon challenging each other to pretend acting out the role of the porn actress.

This went on for nearly eight years. Kendra never felt even slightly pretty until just before she was 16. Then at 16, she was approached by an older guy who teased her for her immaturity. Her response was one of pride. Kendra’s' years of watching porn videos and the years of acting out the role of the porn actress, had left her very proud of her secret knowledge and increasingly interested in displaying what she knew to someone who could appreciate that she was no longer just a silly little girl.


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