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“The Transformation Tape Series showed me that I had already needed so much change in my own life, before I met my wife that I really did not deserve to have the freedom to make more decisions that would affect others. Stupid loveless people should not be allowed to get a divorce before they get help. I did not have the right to stay selfish and unloving, and divorce my wife and hurt our children. These tapes helped to totally change my heart and make me capable of an affectionate and faithful love that I had never knew was possible. I decided not to take one more selfish step based on my own feelings until I let this Counselor take his best shot at my stupid heart in person. Thank God he had great aim and really hit the bull’s-eye each time I went for counseling.”

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“I thought for sure my marriage was over and nothing could help. My husband had left and he had reunited with his high school sweetheart and been with her for nearly a year. I did not want our marriage to be over, but our divorce was only a few weeks away when I was given The Transformation Tape Series.  I called for a counseling appointment as soon as I finished tape two. I could not wait to have an open and honest session. I wished my husband could also have to deal with his lack of feelings for me. Two months later my husband asked me for my counselor's number after telling me the previous two months had really shaken him up inside and made him question what he was doing to his life, to us, and to the kids. I always thought God had left us wives powerless, but these tapes helped me see how wrong I was. Now our daughters have seen what God can do to change a man's heart if a wife will allow God to change her heart even at its weakest point.”

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“I heard these tapes and immediately realized why badly troubled marriages were almost never helped by the counseling I gave as a pastor, and also why it never disturbed me as much as it should have - I was the president of our denomination. Through these tapes and the stories the speaker used to illustrate his points, God exposed some painful issues in my life that were negatively affecting my ministry. Just after two counseling sessions I changed, my preaching changed, and almost immediately more people began to respond to altar calls for prayer, saying I had really touched a deep issue in their life. I always felt I preached the Gospel of Salvation clearly, but the Gospel of Sanctification was not revealed as vividly or graciously as in The Transformation Tape Series.”

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“As a pastor I had often proclaimed from the pulpit that, “I did not need to hear about a persons  past to help them change their life.” Then several couples in our church got the counseling they needed and truly transform their marriages. One couple had the courage to lend me their copy of The Transformation Tape Series, and I was deeply convicted. These tapes showed me in a scriptural way how I had failed to dignify what a sovereign God had allowed in people's lives, and then failed to discover how He wanted to bring about transformation in their lives. These tapes transformed my ministry, and I pray more pastors will hear these and take them to heart before they wrongly assume they are giving members of their churches sufficient counsel.”

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“When I first heard these tapes I actually got angry. I had so deeply stuffed the issues of my life that I refused to believe I needed counseling. I actually declared tapes to be full of heresy. My wife got indignant at my attitude and revealed to me that only a few months earlier she had actually been planning to divorce me until she was given a set of these tapes by one of her friends. After she heard them, she secretly went for a few counseling sessions to deal with the issues of her life that I could not understand much less fix. Her heart was changed and she was freed from her desire to divorce me. After that bomb was dropped on my arrogance, I listened to the tapes again with a more open mind. I didn't get through the first two tapes without realizing that I needed several sessions with this counselor before I said another hurtful word to my wife or children.”

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