"Why It Works"
We Work from the Bad Fruit to the Bitter Roots

MarriageMeneders.Net counseling is not just based on giving good or godly advice.  Instead the counselor is educated and skilled in the art of identify the fruit being reaped in your life. Our Counselors totally rely on the Holy Spirit to reveal the true nature of the bad fruit and the real nature of the roots. From the evidence of the fruit we help you identify and face soberly the real root issues that cause trouble.

From the bitter roots of bad fruit, we can help you see where as a descendant of your ancestors, and the progeny of your parents, as a child growing up in an imperfect community have already shared in some of Christ's sufferings. You will find no condemnation here. It understandable how a child or even an adult would lack His grace to endure and recognize themselves as participating in His sufferings.

We will help you understand what it means to "be conformed to the image of Jesus' death" and teach you how to appropriate being "crucified with Christ" right in the midst of your difficult, frustrating, and painful circumstances in a more personal way and not just as a sentimental reflection of Christ's experience on the Cross.

We can help you experience personal transformation. We can help you sanctify your marriage. Even if only one spouse comes in for counseling it is possible to sanctify your marriage. We will also help you sanctify and cleanse your children of what they have already inherited or been exposed to even when you have tried your best not to pass it onto them.

You will learn how to effectively intercede for family members, friends and others in your life. Since Christ ever lives to make intercession, one of the hallmarks of our lives should be selfless intercession for those we love and even more so for those who have established themselves as our enemies.

In the gradual process of being transformed by the renewal of your mind you will experience the restoration of your calling and destiny.

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